Why 'AllMighTee'?

We didn't want to open 'Just another T-Shirt Store'!

We wanted to open a store with products that resonate with people like us - other Christians.

Our Faith has gotten us through a lot of tough times in the past, since coming to God around 8 years ago after a long time struggling with it, our lives have improved immeasurably, we know the kind of peace only those who have God in their Hearts can know! we love the Lord, and are very proud of our belief, as we know you are, and what better way to proclaim how great the Lord is than by wearing it on your chest, proudly, for the world to see.

Hence, AllmighTee was born!, we are extremely proud of our Brand and all that it stands for: Peace, Wisdom, Faith, Healing, Patience and everything else that being a Christian means to us, and to you too, so please join us on our Journey and lets see where it can take us...

The AllMighTee Team

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