[TESTIMONY] - John Rogers

My testimony probably begins back when I was around 3 years old, my grandma used to take me to church with her every sunday morning, I used to love the smell! and dipping my fingers in the holy water. Other than that I remember very little.

Then as an adult I always seemed to fight against God, or rather the idea of whether I actually really believed in him or not, I always fancied myself a bit of a rebellious kind of person, and very argumentative! I liked to think whenever the subject of Gods existence came up I would argue against it, while not being 100% sure in my own mind.

When I met my wife she was already heavily invested in being a 'christian', and she had a nice group of church friends who I eventually came to call friends myself, and I even started going to church!. I found myself focusing on the negative aspects, all of the intrigue, two-faced people, and those purporting to be 'good christians' when in fact they were the exact opposite in my mind, I though Christian people we supposed to help others, and not judge, pffft, these were not some of the people I were observing at my local church.

Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of lovely people at my church, but I was only interested in the bad ones, these helped in my mind to stack up the theory that God didn't really exist did he?.

Fast forward a couple of years and a lot of soul searching, trying to find something to fill the empty void (which I now realise is the space that Jesus occupies to make you whole), and I was talking to one of our close Christian friends, she was saying I should ask Christ to come into my life, that he could help, that he would heal the pain and take away the darkness that was in my life at that point...

So, I did, I closed my eyes and prayed, I prayed that Jesus would enter my life, that I wanted to have a relationship with him, that I wanted to know him.

Now, I wasn't expecting anything miraculous to happen at this point, I quite frankly didn't know what to expect, I know I felt like a weight had been lifted, and things did seem a bit brighter, that somehow I didn't feel alone any more, the void had been filled.

That alone was enough to convince me that I had been wrong all of my life, but what happened next amplified it to the point where there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that God did exist, and that he was with me.

A few days after asking Jesus to enter my life I was doing a delivery, I had a courier company back then, and I had set off to my destination early one morning to make my first drop, I had around 30 minutes to get there.

Ten minutes into the journey I had a blowout and had to pull off the busy road I was on, down a deserted back road, I pulled my van over and got out to fix the wheel. I noticed another van had pulled over, and a guy was rummaging around in the back, I didn't really give him another thought, I was focused on trying to get my van tyre fixed and back on my way.

I got the van jacked up, then realised I had no wheel brace! what was I going to do?, it was at this point I remembered the guy in the other van, so I came around mine and walked up to him, calling out a 'hello' as I walked towards him.

What happened next left me absolutely dumbstruck! The man turned around and it was my Uncle!, an uncle who lived 4 hours away and I hadn't seen or spoke to for over 3 years, and here he was, in the middle of nowhere.

He quickly helped me out with changing my wheel and set me back on my way. That did it for me, there were way too many factors in there to be coincidental, this was God working in my life!.

This is my testimony, and although there have been many times since when I know God is with me and working in my life, this one really sticks out as undeniable in my mind of his existence, he can help you too, I pray for you, that you will ask Jesus to come into your life too, so you can experience the joy and love knowing him brings.

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